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What Can You Win at Cuppa Time

The show has been embraced by the Online Advertising Platform Community who have donated the prizes to be won on the day.

The types of Prizes you can win each week are:

  • Website Adsvertising Credits ranging from 250 credits to 1000
  • Banner Advertising Impressions, ranging from 500 - 5000
  • Text Advertising Impression, ranging from 500 - 5000
  • Upgraded Memberships
  • Log In Page spots
  • Start Page Spots
  • CTP Wands, Tokens, Game Cards and Batteries
  • PTC Advertising
  • Splash Page Designs
  • Banner Designs

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All Prizes awarded at 'Cuppa Time are donated by various Online Businesses such as Traffic Exchanges, Advertising Platforms, Paid to Click Sites, Online Training Platforms and various other online Businesses.
All prizes are given by the platform themselves and particpants will be asked for their user names at particular sites so that the prizes can be awarded.

If you would like to become a sponsor of Cuppa Time you can contact me via

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