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Cuppa Time is a weekly Game Show that involves answering question to win Prizes.

Cuppa Time is a Live spreecast show every Thursday at 8pm EDT (This is American Time) The show is broadcast from Australia which is 10am Friday's

Matt Baker first introduced this concept with his show Fun and Games (Ring or No Ring) in 2012, Unfortunately Matt has been unable to continue the show. Thus Cuppa Time is Born

The Game Show is primarily focused around the Traffic Exchange Industry, however also incorporates Paid To Click, Online Training programs and also other online businesses.

Viewers are asked to visit various Sites on the day where they will be asked certain question in relation to the visited site. the first viewer to get the correct answer then wins a prize (not necessarily at that site).

The winner will get to make a choice out of two (Tea or Coffee) and will receive the corresponding prize in that Cup.

Please note
: the winner will be asked for their username of the respective site so that the prize can be added to their account, occasionally a viewer will be asked to send their email address or skype address to the host of Cuppa Time due to the prizes being in the form of a Promo Code which needs to be issued privately

The show has been embraced by the Online Advertising Platform Community who have donated the prizes to be won on the day.
You can view the types of prizes on offer by visiting the 'What Can You Win' link above

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All Prizes awarded at 'Cuppa Time are donated by various Online Businesses such as Traffic Exchanges, Advertising Platforms, Paid to Click Sites, Online Training Platforms and various other online Businesses.
All prizes are given by the platform themselves and particpants will be asked for their user names at particular sites so that the prizes can be awarded.

If you would like to become a sponsor of Cuppa Time you can contact me via

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