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Hello and Welcome to the 'Cuppa Time Crew'

Cup of TrafficMy Name is Russell Stockley and I am the Owner of Cup of Traffic The sponsor for this division

I would first like to encourage you to sign up for the Cuppa Time Crew Newsletter by filling out the subscribe form to the right of this page.
Through the newsletter you will be able to get up to date information on where you need to be and what you need to do to improve your teams chances in the division

This page has been set up for all those teams that are in the Cuppa Time Crew Division of the Click Track Profit Team Play

From this page you can use the navigation above to see which teams are in the division and also you can click on the bonuses page to find out what special bonuses are on offer for the teams that are playing.

You will also see a link to recommended programs that will help you earn more CTP XP to get your team higher in the rankings of this division.

CTP Teams rewards you for being active for everything you do in ClickTrackProfit. Best of all, you are also rewarded for everything your team does as well. Earn points for completing CTP training, earn for spinning the prize wheel. You also earn by logging in every day of the month, Nerd Surfing, claiming badges while surfing across the industry, playing the Vault N' Keys, the bonus games and so much more...There are so many ways to earn points in CTP teams, all you have to do is be active!

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